Australian BMX superstar Sam Willoughby recently spent time with BMX coach Greg Romero – a 3x Olympic coach and winner of 100 professional races – for Romero’s popular ‘Ask Coach G’ YouTube segment, and his responses are eye opening for any athlete.

From a career highlight of winning the 2010 USA ABA title, to claiming silver at the 2012 London Olympics, Sam Willoughby had a career in BMX that will be the envy of many and he wouldn’t go back to do it any differently. Intriguingly, he would also never return to racing again – Sam-I-am, is content.

Willoughby’s 12-minute feature with Romero touches on some of his career highlights, his new-found career as a coach and a few of the realities of his injuries.

He doesn’t shy away from his current situation since a life-changing crash in September 2016. That’s a period of his life he describes as traumatic and underlines that his injury is complicated. Willoughby says that while many ask him if he might one day be back on the bike, the reality is that it’s very far-fetched thought for how severe his injury is.

But in true Sam Willoughby style, that doesn’t stop him from undertaking a regimented therapy and training regime. A life spent exemplifying dedication, process and structure to his BMX career now pays dividends away from the competitive environment. Each small goal achieved, he counts as a success.

So, scroll down, get comfy, hit play and hear some of the wisest and most inspiring words you will ever hear.