The 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup has featured the best riders in the world as they continue to charge towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games which commences in July.

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Craig Dutton

With the final two rounds concluding the series in Santiago Del Estero, Argentina last weekend, it’s time to highlight the impressive feats the Australian riders achieved while representing themselves and their country throughout the year.

Round 1 & 2 – Manchester, United Kingdom: April 28-29

Round 1

Starring in her first world cup after a year away, Bunbury’s dual Olympian Lauren Reynolds was above all else just excited to be back on the world cup circuit and coming away with a seventh place in the first round of the year was a great start to 2019.

Leading the way for the rest of the Aussie riders, Rio Olympic finalist Anthony Dean ended his round in the semi’s, alongside Tokyo Olympic hopefuls Kai and Saya Sakakibara.

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  1. Joris Daudet (FRA)
  2. Jeremy Rencurel (FRA)
  3. Sylvain Andre (FRA)


  1. Simone Christensen (DEN)
  2. Judy Bauuw (NED)
  3. Merie Van Bentham (NED)


Aussie Results

  • Lauren Reynolds: 7th
  • Anthony Dean: 9th, (semi-final)
  • Kai Sakakibara: 15th (semi-final)
  • Saya Sakakibara: 16th (semi-final)
  • Shane Rosa: 40th (1/8 finals)
  • Matt Krasevskis: 52nd (1/16 finals)
  • Hayden Fletcher: 54th (1/16 finals)
  • Brandon Te Hiko: 71st (1/16 finals)
  • Jye Hombsch: DNS


Round 2

 The second round of the world cup was a big eye opener for the Aussie riders with the entire contingent unsuccessful in making the finals.

The top end of the sport is a tough field and as the national coaching manager Luke Madill explained.

“The depth in the field is just crazy.

“From the qualifying rounds to the final, every race is like a final in the world cup.”

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  1. Kye Whyte (GBR)
  2. Niek Kimmann (NED)
  3. Diego Alejandro Arboleda Ospina (COL)


  1. Manon Valentino (FRA)
  2. Natalia Afremova (RUS)
  3. Ruby Huisman (NED)


Aussie Results

  • Kai Sakakibara: 9th (semi-final)
  • Anthony Dean: 12th (semi-final)
  • Matt Krasevskis: 22nd (1/4 finals)
  • Lauren Reynolds: 30th (1/4 finals)
  • Hayden Fletcher: 53rd (1/16 finals)
  • Shane Rosa: 58th (1/16 finals)
  • Brandon Te Hiko: 69th (1/16 finals)


Round 3 & 4 – Papendal, The Netherlands: May 12-13

Round 3

The fortress of the Dutch team – Papendal – had 10 Aussie riders touch down on the track for rounds three and four and it was Kai who came away with an equal best career result in round three, matching his performance in Zolder, Belgium last year.

Leading the Aussie charge, he fell just short of third behind Frenchman Jeremy Rencurel, with the defending world cup champion, Niek Kimman getting the job done on his own training ground.

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  1. Niek Kimmann (NED)
  2. Alfredo Campo (ECU)
  3. Jeremy Rencurel (FRA)


  1. Judy Baauw (NED)
  2. Alise Willoughby (USA)
  3. Laura Smulders (NED)


Aussie Results 

  • Kai Sakakibara: 4th
  • Saya Sakakibara: 10th (semi-final)
  • Lauren Reynolds: 16th(semi-final)
  • Leanna Curtis: 23rd (1/4 finals)
  • Erin Lockwood: 30th(1/8 finals)
  • Matt Krasevskis: 43rd(1/8 finals)
  • Brandon Te Hiko: 57th (1/16 finals)
  • Josh McLean: 93rd (1/16 finals)
  • Shane Rosa: 98th(1/16 finals)
  • Adam Carey: 148th(last chance)


 Round 4

 Lauren Reynolds and Saya Sakakibara were on a mission in the fourth round as both lined up on the gate in the final.

Getting in the Aussies way however was the defending world cup champion, Laura Smulders, who came first ahead of USA’s Alise Willoughby and Felicia Stancil.

The men’s contingent weren’t so successful with Kai unable to replicate his fourth-place success from the third round.

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  1. Niek Kimmann (NED)
  2. Joris Daudet (FRA)
  3. Sylvain Andre (FRA)


  1. Laura Smulders (NED)
  2. Alise Willoughby (USA)
  3. Felicia Stancil (USA)


Aussie Results

  • Lauren Reynolds: 4th
  • Saya Sakakibara: 8th
  • Erin Lockwood: 18th (1/4 finals)
  • Kai Sakakibara: 25th (1/4 finals)
  • Leanna Curtis: 33rd (1/8 finals)
  • Matt Krasevskis: 49th (1/8 finals)
  • Josh McLean: 60th (1/16 finals)
  • Brandon Te Hiko: 61st (1/16 finals)
  • Shane Rosa: 93rd (1/16 finals)
  • Adam Carey: 141st (last chance)


Round 5 & 6 – St Quentin En Yvelines, France: June 8-9

Round 5

Making it to his first final for the year, Dean was the pick of the seven Aussie riders who competed at the fifth round of the world cup.

A sublime start had the Australian in pole position, but he began to lose ground as the race went on. Trying to fight back into the middle of the pack, Dean found himself being pushed off the track and thus ending his chances of a podium.

The star female duo of Reynolds and Sakakibara were both eliminated in the semi-finals.

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  1. Niek Kimmann (NED)
  2. Alfredo Campo (ECU)
  3. Joris Daudet (FRA)


  1. Laura Smulders (NED)
  2. Alise Willoughby (USA)
  3. Simone Christensen (DEN)


Aussie Results

  • Anthony Dean: 8th
  • Lauren Reynolds: 14th (semi-finals)
  • Saya Sakakibara: 16th (semi-finals)
  • Kai Sakakibara: 17th (1/4 finals)
  • Leanna Curtis: 39th(1/16 finals)
  • Shane Rosa: 109th(1/16 finals)
  • Erin Lockwood: 49th(last chance)
  • Adam Carey: Did not start
  • Andrew Hughes: Did not start


Round 6

 Having claimed a second and third at the same venue last year, Saya Sakakibara was a favourite heading into the fifth and sixth rounds and it took the latter for her to find her top gear.

Lining up in gate 8, Saya did her best to get out in the lead at the end of the first straight but it wasn’t enough to get in front of France’s Manon Valentino who claimed the top spot ahead of Smulders in second and Willoughby in third.

The men’s ledger had Kai once again leading the charge, yet his day ended in the semi-finals.

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  1. Niek Kimmann (NED)
  2. Joris Daudet (FRA)
  3. David Graf (SUI)


  1. Manon Valentino (FRA)
  2. Laura Smulders (NED)
  3. Alise Willoughby (USA)


Aussie Results 

  • Saya Sakakibara: 5th
  • Kai Sakakibara: 13th (semi-final)
  • Lauren Reynolds: 19th (1/4 finals)
  • Anthony Dean: 21st (1/4 finals)
  • Erin Lockwood: 31st (1/8 finals)
  • Leanna Curtis: 37th (1/8 finals)
  • Shane Rosa:128th (1/16 finals)


Round 7 & 8 – Rock Hill, USA: September 14-15

Round 7

The most successful world cup round for ‘Team Australia’ as Queensland’s 2019 elite men’s national champion Izaac Kennedy claimed his first world cup bronze medal in his first ever world cup final!

There was sheer commitment all day in Kennedy’s racing as he picked up a first place in round 1, a second in the 1/16 finals and 1/8 finals, before grabbing a third-place finish in the semis.

Finishing ahead of Kennedy on the podium was USA’s national champion Corben Sharrah in first, and the Rio Olympic gold medallist and Kennedy’s training partner, Connor Fields in second.

Adding to Australia’s finals tally for the seventh round was Saya, as she picked up fifth place in the corresponding women’s category.

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  1. Corben Sharrah (USA)
  2. Connor Fields (USA)
  3. Izaac Kennedy (AUS)


  1. Laura Smulders (NED)
  2. Natalia Afremova (RUS)
  3. Alise Willoughby (USA)


Aussie Results

  • Izaac Kennedy: 3rd
  • Saya Sakakibara: 5th
  • Lauren Reynolds: 14th(semi-finals)
  • Max Cairns: 20th(1/4 finals)
  • Kai Sakakibara: 30th(1/8 finals)
  • Matt Krasevskis: 32nd(1/8 finals)
  • Anthony Dean: 36th(1/8 finals)
  • Kyle Hill: 69th(1/16 finals)
  • Rachel Gaskin: 49th(last chance)
  • Adam Carey: 106th(last chance)

Round 8

Marking her strongest result for the year, Saya was hunting for that elusive podium with many first-place finishes in the qualification period leading into the women’s final where she finished fourth.

Joining Sakakibara in the last eight and recording her third world cup final for the year was Reynolds who finished just behind her in fifth.

Ahead of the Aussie duo and finding first place was the defending world cup champion Laura Smulders, while the world no.1, Alise Willoughby finished second and Russia’s Natalia Afremova was third.

Max Cairns made a statement during the Rock Hill world cup besting many top riders to find himself in the quarter finals before his day ended there.

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  1. Niek Kimmann (NED)
  2. Alfredo Campo (ECU)
  3. Dane Van Der Burg (NED)


  1. Laura Smulders (NED)
  2. Alise Willoughby (USA)
  3. Natalia Afremova (RUS)


Aussie Results

  • Saya Sakakibara: 4th
  • Lauren Reynolds: 5th
  • Max Cairns: 21st (1/4 finals)
  • Matt Krasevskis: 29th (1/8 finals)
  • Izaac Kennedy: 30th(1/8 finals)
  • Kyle Hill: 32nd(1/8 finals)
  • Kai Sakakibara: 35th1/8 finals)
  • Rachel Gaskin: 47th (last chance)
  • Adam Carey: 99th(last chance)
  • Anthony Dean: DNS


Round 9 & 10 – Santiago Del Estero, Argentina: September 29-30

Round 9

A potential podium once again went begging for Saya Sakakibara as the ninth round occurred in Argentina.

The penultimate round of the 2019 series was the Olympic hopeful’s best chance of a podium, but as she rounded the second berm in fourth and made a move on the rider in front, her competitor fell and in doing so brought the Australian down in the process.

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  1. Gonzalo Molina (ARG)
  2. Alfredo Campo (ECU)
  3. Romain Mahieu (FRA)


  1. Laura Smulders (NED)
  2. Natalia Afremova (RUS)
  3. Felicia Stancil


Aussie Results

  • Saya Sakakibara: 7th
  • Kai Sakakibara: 9th (semi-finals)
  • Lauren Reynolds: 10th (semi-finals)
  • Joshua McLean: 28th (1/8 finals)
  • Anthony Dean: 48th (1/16 finals)
  • Adam Carey: 89th (last chance)


Round 10

The tenth and final round was not only an opportunity to end the series on a high, but also to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the best riders in the world, who are after all very close with one another.

While there were many celebrations, it was Kai Sakakibara who had the biggest cheer from the Aussie riders, as he picked up fourth place in his second final appearance of the year.

Ahead of him was the consistent Dutch superstar Kimmann, with Switzerland’s David Graf in second and Argentina’s Gonzalo Molino in third.

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  1. Niek Kimmann (NED)
  2. David Graf (SUI)
  3. Gonzalo Molina (ARG)


  1. Laura Smulders (NED)
  2. Natalia Afremova (RUS)
  3. Felicia Stancil (USA)


Aussie Results

  • Kai Sakakibara: 4th
  • Saya Sakakibara: 9th(semi-final)
  • Anthony Dean: 16th(semi-final)
  • Lauren Reynolds: 17th(1/4 finals)
  • Joshua McLean: 60th(1/8 finals)
  • Adam Carey: 85th(last chance)


With the conclusion of the world cup series, the points have been finalised and the defending world cup champions for both the men’s and women’s categories have retained the title for another year.

Dutch superstars Niek Kimmann and Laura Smulders have dominated the series with six gold medal performances each to stand tallest on their respective podiums.

World Cup Standings Top 3


  1. Laura Smulders: 1270 points – The Netherlands
  2. Felicia Stancil: 925 points – USA
  3. Alise Willoughby: 890 points – USA



  1. Niek Kimmann: 1180 points – The Netherlands
  2. Alfredo Campo: 890 points – Ecuador
  3. David Graf: 820 points – Switzerland


The Aussie riders should be proud of their efforts and we can’t wait to see them in action on home soil for the first four rounds of the 2020 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Shepparton (February 1 & 2) and in Bathurst (February 8 & 9)

Aussie World Cup Standings


  • Kai Sakakibara: 10th
  • Anthony Dean: 21st
  • Izaac Kennedy: 40th
  • Matt Krasevskis: 47th
  • Max Cairns: 63rd
  • Joshua McLean: 84th
  • Kyle Hill: 94th
  • Shane Rosa: 98th
  • Hayden Fletcher: 115th
  • Brandon Te Hiko: 128th


  • Saya Sakakibara: 8th
  • Lauren Reynolds: 10th
  • Erin Lockwood: 48th
  • Leanna Curtis: 54th
  • Rachel Gaskin: 82nd