We asked and you answered! Check out your top moments of 2017!

BMX Australia did their 12 Days of BMXmas to show some of our favourite moments of 2017. But we thought we would get your opinion on your favourite moments, so we asked the question and you answered!

The biggest standout was not the best tricks, or the trophies. It was the popular demand of celebrating and sharing the love and friendship that is so prevalent within our BMX community.

Here are your favourite moments (in no particular order) and we look forward to sharing so many more with you.

1. Harley Bradshaw winning the W4 plate in the UCI BMX World Championships in Rock Hill. That green and gold a great sight in the midst of all that red, white and blue of some other nation.

2. It’s nice when the over 50’s NSW cruiser title trophy is also a good cup for consuming delicious drinks. Congratulations to Brett Masterfield, who proves that age is just a number in BMX!

3. Ipswich finishing its new facility. The new Queensland track will be a new home for BMX riders to test their skills.

4. Elissa Eyre broke her pelvis earlier in the 2017 , but made an amazing comeback to claim the 4Q plate. What an inspiration, well done Elissa, ride on!

5. We had over 1800 riders from 94 clubs participate in the Nationals this year, and of those 274 of them got the chance to ride at the UCI BMX World Championships in Rock Hill, USA. For Junior Elite rider Erin Lockwood and her family, the opportunity to do so meant the world.

6. The Knox Thunderdome was incredible! With a $7000 prize pool, the two-day event was a standout in an amazing year of BMX racing. Check out the video here!

7. The Joey Graham backflip made it onto our 12 days of BMXmas, but it just can’t be kept away from some of your favourite moments of this year. It’s not just about the racing – you and close to a million of your BMX loving mates around the world love this one.

8. The connection that our pro riders have with their young adoring fans is an incredible ability that our sport possesses. This photo of pro rider Andy Hughes and his biggest fan is so touching. Never forget to give time to those who admire you.

9. The friendships that come from BMX is why we have such a strong and close community. When nationals roll into Bunbury this year, there will be plenty of friendships sparked trackside that will last a lifetime.

10. Winning the QLD 50+ in back to back championships is an amazing achievement for Jeff Williams! Good luck doing it again to make it three on the bounce, no doubt the competition will be fierce.

A very warm thank you for those who posted and let us know what their favourite moments were in 2017. Words cannot describe how excited we are for 2018 and look forward to sharing them with you!