Download the COVIDSafe App and help us all get back onto the track and be safer once we are there.

There is no doubt we are moving towards a return to BMX riding and racing, which is awesome. But, despite the positive developments, the Federal Government is adamant that sports and individuals need to respect the rules around the peeling back of restrictions.

Individuals, clubs and sports that overstep the mark will jeopardise our return and ability to continue riding our bikes.

As we await a return to community sport, the Federal Government has been clear with its messaging around the need for as many people as possible to download the COVIDSafe App to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

BMXA is supporting the government by encouraging our community to download the App as it will not only allow the restrictions to ease but also help state and territory health officials to quickly alert people who may be at risk of having had contact with the virus. This will in turn keep our community safer as we start to return to “normal activities’.