BMX racing can be fast paced and finishes can be extremely close. Transponders times riders competing in a race to the millisecond and determines finishing places.

For BMX Australia events, these are required and cannot be hired.

State, zone and club events may have hire options and you should check with your event organiser.

The MYLAPS Prochip Flex is the recommended transponder and can easily be added and used for your 20-inch or 24-inch (cruiser) bike. Please note you will need two transponders if you’re racing with both types.

If you have an open membership and/or turning 8-years old, it is suggested that a transponder is purchased three weeks prior to your event, as these will arrive to your chosen mailing address.

If you are sprocket rocket or mini wheeler, you do not need to have a transponder as these are participation classes.

To purchase a transponder , please click here.

The current costing subscriptions with MYLAPS are:

ProChip FLEX+ 1 year subscription  ProChip FLEX+ 2 year subscription  ProChip FLEX+ 5 year subscription
365 day subscription
Lifetime limited warranties
730 day subscription
Lifetime limited warranties
1827 day subscription
Lifetime limited warranties
 Total Cost Incuding GST – $50.00 Total Cost Incuding GST – $74.99 Total Cost Incuding GST – $139.00


Note: Mailing costs are not included in the above fees.

Activate your ProChip FLEX

Before you are able to use your ProChip FLEX, you are required to do a one-time activation in ProChip FLEX Manager. Please note, that the ProChip FLEX Manager software is only compatible with Windows systems. Plug the ProChip FLEX into your computer by using the USB connection.

Download the free ProChip FLEX Manager  – HERE

To see the guide on the layout of the ProChip Flex Manager and how to activate your transponder – CLICK HERE 

To add a transponder to your BMX Australia profile, please follow the below steps.

Option 1: Internet Browser

  1. CLICK HERE to login into your account. (Please ensure you have your BMXA membership number and password ready)
  2. Once logged in, go to “My Profile”.
  3. Scroll down on this page and you will see a section called “Transponder Numbers”.
  4. Click “MyLaps”, enter the two letters and the five numbers (transponder number) allocated to your transponder, choose “20-inch” or “cruiser” for your bike type and then click “Add Transponder”.

Option 2: BMX Australia App

CLICK HERE to see the guide of how to add your transponder to your BMXA profile.

If you have any enquiries, please contact BMX Australia on 02 9008 1300 or